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The "Marque Nationale-Appellation contrôlée Crémant de Luxembourg " was introduced on 4 th January 1991. The distinction "Marque Nationale – Appellation contrôlée" on the rectangular label affixed to the rear of the bottle certifies the state-controlled production and quality of the wine.

Wine with this quality label must undergo a comprehensive chemical analysis in the laboratory of the State-run Institut Viti-Vinicole (IVV). It must achieve a score of 12 out of 20 points in an organoleptic examination of its colour, clarity, bouquet and taste. This examination is carried out predominantly by members of the tasting committee of the Marque Nationale for Luxembourg Wines ("Commission de la Marque Nationale des Vins Luxembourgeois").

In addition to criteria imposed on sparkling wines, the Crémant has to fulfil the following additional conditions: From 150 kg harvested, 100l of must is extracted and after "dégorgement" (removal of the lees) there must be a pressure in the bottle of at least 4 bar. Its production is monitored by an obligatory "Carnet de pressoir" ("wine press manual").